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About Provantage


The Provantage group, established in April, 2011 is known for producing supreme quality and value-for-money products. Over the years, along with our dedication and diligent work-force, we have launched our new brand in safety footwear. NeoSafe safety shoes have made its mark by complying with the purpose of ‘safety and comfort’ for feet in harsh conditions where regular footwear fail to serve. Provantage.in is our online portal that opens the door to reach a larger audience with our products. Our team comprises of highly motivated and adept individuals, focused on yielding best services by providing you with best products. The Provantage R&D department primarily focuses on improving the techniques and incorporate best features to the product. Our experts in the laboratory are trained to test and certify every product so as to guarantee the quality of the product. Moreover, our company continuously strives for evaluating and understanding the recent market scenarios through extensive market surveys. We seek to inculcate every aspect of demand into our product. Customer-oriented service has been our primary motto in order to fulfill every order as per need of the purchaser. The entire system is well chaperoned under the Founder and the CEO of Provantage, Mr. Shorya Agarwal.

Provantage Products


NEOSAFE Safety Shoes

A carefully designed range of shoes that are technologically reinforced to endure impacts, chemical spill, absorb electric shocks and resist high temperatures. NeoSafe shoes are equipped with steel-toe technology thereby making them ‘Impact resistant’. The sole is enhanced with a PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) or PU (Poly Urethane) layer in the middle that prevents penetration hence keeping your feet safe. Moreover, the shoes are specifically designed as ‘anti-skid’, which makes them a perfect safety device for feet in workplaces like power plants, cement/construction site, oil and automobile factory, etc. Our CE & FDDI certified safety shoe collections are loaded with different varieties, styles and sizes all up for grabs.

What we accomplish


  • Assured Quality: Every safety shoe undergoes a rigorous quality test in our well equipped laboratory, which ensures the owner’s safety as promised.
  • On-time delivery: Our well trained manufacturing team and production process ensure the on-time delivery of the product.
  • Customer satisfaction: We deliver top quality and 100% original products at reasonable prices and thereby ensuring maximum satisfaction by giving you the Professional Advantage.